Philip R. Tuyay, esq.

Philip R. Tuyay has spent much of his adult life serving the interests of disadvantaged minority communities in California. As an undergraduate at the University of San Francisco, he tutored middle school children in underfunded public schools and had a fellowship with the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, where he helped expose payroll fraud within the San Francisco School District. Prior to attending Southwestern Law School, he volunteered for Americorp, helping undocumented high school students with college admissions and financial aid. Upon graduating from law school, Philip earned Southwestern's Public Service award for volunteering over 100 hours of pro bono service in the areas of renters' rights and family law. After law school, he clerked for the California Department of Transportation's department, helping defend personal injury claims on behalf of the State. Later, he worked as a civil litigator, representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. As an associate attorney with Telleria, Telleria and Levy, Philip continues to passionately advocate for injured workers, rooted in the belief that the law should favor human dignity over profits for insurance companies.

In his spare time, Philip enjoys long distance running, swimming, HBO, documentary films, politics, and spending time with his extended family.