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    Serious Injuries Require Serious and Experienced Attorney like Mr. Telleria and his staff. I Highly Recommend this Law Office.
    Saeed R.
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    Nowadays it's so difficult to trust many attorneys because it's usually about the almighty dollar. And although this is a business and it costs money, let me tell you this from personal experience, Telleria Telleria Levy is a law firm that CARES deeply about helping people. I am a Pastor in Riverside and a Supervisor for a National Non-Profit Foundation that works to enable Latinos here in the USA to become more productive citizens and one of the ways we do that in partnership with this law-firm is to put on free informative workshops. Randy Levy and his amazing team of attorneys and paralegals and staff, personally attend these meetings as well as stay until the final person needing advice and consultation are taken care of. They truly give back to the Latino community as they volunteer their time and resources (they give a free consultation at the events as well as the first consult at the office!) to better our Latino Community. I have personally referred pastors and friends to them and each one has reported to me how wonderful it was to feel supported and empowered now that they had Telleria Telleria and Levy representing them. Every single case is handled with compassion and care and even the small things are important to them. So to answer the question posed by Luz B. From Huntington Park back in October, ("please if somebody can tell me if this lawyer is good or not please!!!) I answer emphatically YES this Lawyer is EXCELLENT! He has made a profound difference in the lives of many but especially in the lives of people I deeply care about. God Bless you all Pastor Tony Rodriguez Magnolia EspaƱol.
    Pastor Tony R.
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    Dear Attorney Keith Ayers: Through this note I would like to thank you for taking my case in your hands.I can not thank you enough for taking your time to handle the necessary steps for my case to succeed. I also would like to let you know that Ms. Montini does wonderful work, she has high ethics and is very professional. I am completely satisfied with the work, she has done for me. Thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Elizabeth F.
    Elizabeth F.

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